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Is a merchant cash advance right for your business?

A Merchant Cash advance isn’t a loan, but an alternative option you can avail as and when you need it if you don’t qualify for a traditional bank loan or require funds quickly.  The qualifying criteria are much less stringent than traditional small business lenders, an MCA comes with a premium cost.
This alternative business financing is one of the most easily accessible. It addresses the problems of traditional financing options like complicated approval processes, long waiting periods, spending restrictions, and high decline rates.
Moreover, typical requirements like good credit or overflowing financial statements aren’t necessary for eligibility. It is suitable for businesses that have short-term financing needs and require funds fast.
Furthermore, unlike many traditional business loans, merchant cash advances do not require collateral. These convenient features make a Merchant Cash Advance very ideal for businesses.

How Does a Merchant Cash Advance Work?

For the most part, applying for a merchant cash advance can be done entirely online, and generally, in a matter of minutes. The amount to borrow depends on your previous business sales. As long as you have strong business sales, credit scores are not as important as sales projections when determining eligibility. Instead of interest, each borrower is assigned a money factor. It’s a calculation that helps determine how much money you will pay back in total.

What Are The benefits of Merchant Cash Advances?

  • Quick approval 
  • Minimal Requirements 
  • Credit is not a deal-breaker
  • No Collateral Required
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Flexible payment schedule

What Are The Cons of Merchant Cash Advances?

  • It doesn’t help you build credit
  • High factor rates
  • No benefit to the early payoff
  • Shorter repayment term may reduce cash flow