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Terms And Conditions

Specific terms and Conditions bind every user of this company website. Using this website means clearly that the user has agreed to terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these conditions, then we advise you to not use the company website.
The company name is Ozimira Corporation doing business as Ozimira Capital, while its website is “”
Terms and Conditions for the use of this Company website are stated as follows.

1. Definition

Wherever you read “We,” “Our,” and “US,” it refers to
“You” the user when using this website constitutes an agreement those below-mentioned terms and conditions govern your use of the website.

2. Access to the company Website

All the information found on our website does not invite or recommend any user to buy the stated product or service. We highly recommend you take into consideration and seek professional advice whenever you shop for a product or service. We will always offer continuous access to our company website. But we retain full right to suspend, restrict or terminate this access as, when, or where required.

3. Website contents

We own full right to edit, replace, or delete without any prior notice. We don’t assume any responsibility for the content appearing on third-party’s website whose links are added on the company’s website.

4. Intellectual Property

All materials found on our company website, including contents, texts, graphics, and designs but not limited to developer source codes and software are copyrighted. owns the full right of its website contents and materials.
Reproduction and redistribution of any of our company website’s material are strictly prohibited under copyright laws unless we grant express written permission. The user of the website is allowed to print or download a single copy of material only for offline, non-commercial, or personal usage.
Logos, images, videos, names, and trademarks appearing on the website have full propriety rights of and/or their respective owners. The user of the company website has no right to use any such trademark, videos, names, images, or logo for either personal or commercial purposes.
By submitting data to our website, you grant global, non-terminable, royalty-free, and lifetime license which allow us to copy, distribute, produce, use, or transmit this data in any manner we prefer or as and when we need without sending a prior notice or getting your permission. However, you shall always have full copyright of all data you submit to our company website.

5. Products and Services Terms and Conditions

Products and Services Terms and Conditions
Our website contents do not translate to an offer for you to buy products or services. Upon submission of an application for buying a product or service, it constitutes an offer that we can accept or reject based on the terms and conditions of that product or service.
Once you submit an application for purchasing a product or service, given the circumstance that product or service that you qualify is available and approved by us, we will issue a confirmation message for terms and conditions of the approval in accordance with the law.
We do not publicly publish full details of terms, conditions, and exclusion of your loan approval or service, however, the precise cover will be issued to you alongside related documents. The user is advised to read terms and conditions provided not only on the company website but also on any other terms related to that specific product or service. In the event of a conflict, the specific and precise cover of the product and service will be accepted. Product and service prices and details are subject to change on the company’s website without prior notice. Acceptance of an offer is fully dependent on the availability of products and services. We make no guarantee for the offer acceptance of product or service in case of its unavailability.

6. Data submitted by users

Any user data which is submitted on the company’s website creates no liability on our part. You “The user” is fully liable for the data you submit to our website. You are responsible for submitting the latest, accurate, and comprehensive information and also for its future updates whenever the need arises. You the user hereby guarantee that information and data you submit or upload are not abusive, obscene, offensive, false, or otherwise subject to any objection. It must not breach any rights or laws of third parties.
By submitting or uploading data to our website, you fully ensure that it is free from any virus attack and does not contaminate or adversely affect any technology or part of the company website.
We hold full rights to delete or remove any material that sounds offensive, abusive, untrue, indecent, or cause any misuse of the company website or prove destructive to the company website or its other users. You will be fully responsible for any loss or claim we encounter due to your failure to meet any of the terms and conditions pertaining to the data submission or upload.

7. Use of Personal Information

By using our website, you agree to terms of use according to our privacy policy.

8. Termination

We reserve the right to terminate or limit your access to the company website and its related service anytime. All disclaimers, exclusions, and indemnities specified in these terms and conditions shall not terminate in the event of our agreement’s termination for any specific reason.

9. Telephone Calls and Emails

We reserve full rights of recording and monitoring all our communication and correspondence occurring between you and us via telephone calls and emails. When you use these communication methods, you grant us your full consent to let the recording and monitoring activities happen as and when we require.

10. General

Validity and enforcement of every provision of these terms and conditions shall stay independent and shall not be affected by any other provision removed in the event of its invalidity or unlawfulness. We reserve full rights of every provision of terms and conditions, so we may or may not change it, when and where required. We reserve rights to replace the old provision with a modified one on the company website. The modified provision of terms and Conditions shall take effect from the same day and time when we publish it on our company website.
When the user breaches any term and Condition, and we do not take action against the user immediately; we still and shall always hold the right to take action against that breach or any further breach.


We do not offer any express or implied warranties of any kind or nature for the operation, content, material, product or services included on this site. By using this website, you expressly agree that you use this website and its content on your own sole risk. We don’t warrant that these sites, its email sent by us, or its servers are virus-free or do not contain any harmful components. We disclaim all warranties, whether express or implied including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
We entirely disclaim any representation or warranties: (a) that service will be non-disruptive and uninterrupted (b) identity, reliability, and creditworthiness of any of our investors. And whether you or any account holder needs to do business with any of our investors.
We do not offer any guarantee of any kind for the accuracy, promotion, and endorsement of information posted by site users or any party or participant of activity on the company website. We disclaim from any responsibility or damage arising from the use of the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential nature. We may take any action deemed necessary or appropriate for all or any information posted on the website.

12. Limited Liability

To ascertain information and data’s accuracy posted on our company website, we use reasonable measures. We do not filter and monitor information and data submitted, uploaded or posted by the user or a third party on our website and we do not assume any damage or liability arising from a submission by the user or third party. Users should be aware that information posted by a third party or a user may not be accurate, truthful, or latest. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all representation and warranties whether express or implies for the information contained on the website of the company. We do not guarantee that information provided on the company website is free from fault, omissions, and errors and we do not accept liability arise in that case.
We are excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law based on electronic data transmission over the internet and number of users who posted data on the company website, we are not liable for losses, damaged and claims arise as a result of inaccessibility to the company website or from the use of company website or its material. We are not liable for any direct or indirect, consequential or incidental loss, loss of profit, data, business opportunity, anticipated saving arising out due to use of the company website or in connection with an agreement between user or company website or any other event when such liability cannot be excluded by law.

13. Jurisdiction and Governing law

All products and services described and mentioned on the company website are available only to the US residents unless we specify otherwise. Information provided on the website is subject to US residents, and it might not comply with the applicable law of other countries or territories in the world. All terms and conditions provided in that page shall be governed by and formulated based on US Law. Any dispute related to terms and conditions shall be taken to the US court jurisdictions in Los Angeles County in the State of California, USA to which both parties submit.